iTileMaps – tile map editor for iPad

Available on AppStore. Help available here.

First ever game development tool for iPad!

iTileMaps is powerfull tile map creation tool. Works with any 2D game genre, whether it’s RPG or sidescroller or anything else. Specifically designed for iPad it allows creating maps very fast wherever you are. No need to change anything in your game because it uses popular tmx file format and works well with Tiled.

Best works with cocos2d because it’s built on top of it. But any other game engine that supports tmx file format will work aswell.




  • Simple and popular xml-based format – tmx
  • Orthogonal maps
  • Custom objects for per pixel precision placement
  • Custom properties for tiles, layers, objects or map
  • Time saving editing tools like clone and recent tiles
  • Can automatically manage high and standart definition maps (for iPhone 4 Retina)
  • Ability to export created map directly to your game
  • Send created maps by e-mail
  • Import maps from internet, e-mail or another application
  • Draws slower when in idle state, means higher battery life

Limitations (for advanced users):

  • Isometric and hexagonal maps are not supported
  • Only 1 tileset can be used per layer
  • Tileset info is saved in single file with map, no external tileset info supported
  • Images cannot be saved in map file, only externally
  • Layer data must be in gzip/zlib compression encoded with base64
Upcoming features:
Something that might be included in next updates
  • Fill bucket tool
  • Isometric maps
  • External tilesets
  • File manager
  • Action history with undo-redo
  • Dropbox, WebDAV, iDisk importing options