PATH Lite Rejected

Sadly PATH Lite was rejected by Apple due to its low functionality

It will be added for review again with few more levels, you should expect it live in about 3 weeks.

PATH on AppStore

Finally PATH was reviewed and posted to AppStore.

Check it here.

PATH is logical labyrinth game in cosmic style. Your goal is to find the way throughout many objects to the exit. Objects can stop your movement, change direction of movement, dissapear after some time, teleport you and much more.

Features hours of gameplay, 60 levels, unique objects and lots of ways to solve the puzzle. Each level requires logic skill and attention to find your path.

Stay tuned for additional bonus and new stages that will be added via update.

Some levels can blow your brain! Beware.

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PATH is logical labyrinth game in cosmic style. And it was just finished and sent to Apple for review.

Stay tuned for release on AppStore.