Site redesign

Today new version of the site went live, featuring new design and blog engine. All of the content should remain in place. New host is physically located in San Francisco so the loading times should be much better for most of the users.

Hope you like it.

Flipping tiles

Flipping tiles is one of the new features available in iTileMaps v2.0 here’s a video to show it in detail.

iTileMaps Compact

First update for iTileMaps is out now. New features include fill bucket tool, universal application (get it to your phone also) and some small tweaks and bugfixes.

If you want to try iTileMaps or you dont own an iPad and 10$ seem expensive, go grab new iTileMaps Compact edition! It’s free to use but you can’t save or export edited map. For a small fee of 3$ you can access full feature set on your iPhone or iPod Touch just hit Export button to make In App Purchase.

Miss some feature, know a bug or know how to improve iTileMaps? Feel free to contact me.

Import & Export options

Some screenshots that show options how you can import or export maps to iTileMaps

iTileMaps – tile map editor for iPad

Available on AppStore. Help available here.

First ever game development tool for iPad!

iTileMaps is powerfull tile map creation tool. Works with any 2D game genre, whether it’s RPG or sidescroller or anything else. Specifically designed for iPad it allows creating maps very fast wherever you are. No need to change anything in your game because it uses popular tmx file format and works well with Tiled.

Best works with cocos2d because it’s built on top of it. But any other game engine that supports tmx file format will work aswell.




  • Simple and popular xml-based format – tmx
  • Orthogonal maps
  • Custom objects for per pixel precision placement
  • Custom properties for tiles, layers, objects or map
  • Time saving editing tools like clone and recent tiles
  • Can automatically manage high and standart definition maps (for iPhone 4 Retina)
  • Ability to export created map directly to your game
  • Send created maps by e-mail
  • Import maps from internet, e-mail or another application
  • Draws slower when in idle state, means higher battery life

Limitations (for advanced users):

  • Isometric and hexagonal maps are not supported
  • Only 1 tileset can be used per layer
  • Tileset info is saved in single file with map, no external tileset info supported
  • Images cannot be saved in map file, only externally
  • Layer data must be in gzip/zlib compression encoded with base64
Upcoming features:
Something that might be included in next updates
  • Fill bucket tool
  • Isometric maps
  • External tilesets
  • File manager
  • Action history with undo-redo
  • Dropbox, WebDAV, iDisk importing options

P.A.T.H. v2 development story

I received quite much feedback that PATH is too hard so I focused mainly to make game more casual. In new version there were added achievements and leaderboards first of all. Most of user interface were made from scratch to be more user friendly. As I was planning to make an update it would be stupid to remove levels I already had but as they were too hard to progress I made new stage unlocked after completing 5 levels. It made progressing till last stage much easier, so more people can see more content I have to offer. Then I added new casual oriented game mode called Stars, old levels got name Story. I didnt forget about more hardcore players also – they got new mode named Random.

Story mode

Nothing much to add. New improved hints now show you game mechanics in action. New stage unlocks after 5 levels completed. Achievements and scoring introduced.

Stars mode

Features 30 brand new levels, similar to Story mode mechanics just with few exceptions – no more Key element, it was changed to Star, there are 3 stars in each level you must get at least one to unlock exit. Now you dont need to blow all bombs also, but if you do you get much more score points. Levels were designed to get at least 1 star in about 5 moves, nothing hard. Ofcourse last levels will ask you to think a bit to get 1 star but still its easy. If you are one of the hardcore minds you can try to get 3 stars everywhere. 3 stars are much challenging but beta testers managed to get them in a week though they completed most of Story levels before.

Random mode

When you complete 5 Story levels in each stage this mode unlocks. Basically when you play it you face Story levels in random order. You are limited in time and if you dont complete it in time or just quit level or game your whole progress on that difficulty will be reset. Yes, it have difficulty, most of plyers should complete Normal difficulty without too much of problems. Normal difficulty will present you 1-4 levels from each stage, Hard 5-7, Expert 8-10. It is advanced game mode and cant be played without some practice, you just need to know levels to get in time.

Name change

As you may have noticed PATH got name change to P.A.T.H. since version 2.0, it was caused with some trademark problems, that’s also why it was removed from AppStore recently.

PATH removed from sale

Due to some trademark problems PATH was removed from sale for some time. I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Lite version released

Lite version was finally approved and went live, check it here.

In same time PATH v1.1 went live also, as a reminder it just fixes progress saving for 4Gen devices.

Update #1 and Lite version status

Today I’ve added first PATH update for review, basically it fixes 4Gen device bug that prevents you from saving progress.

Technical details:

Saving your progress was done in event ApplicationWillTerminate but on 4Gen devices it wasn’t called because application wasn’t terminated it just went to background and was killed after without firing this event. What was done is added saving logic to event ApplicationDidEnterBackground as well.

After the bug was fixed, 5 new levels for Lite version was added and it was uploaded for review as well. So now it features 10 unique levels for you to complete 🙂